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Video off Nigel Danson Why I changed to full MANUAL SETTINGS after 30 years and recommends It’s risk-free with Nord’s 30-day money-back guarantee!

Harmen Piekema (1982) was born in Koudum, a small Frisian village surrounded by fields, lakes and forests, where his love for nature was kindled. His father taught him the ins and outs of (then analogue) photography. Despite his love for nature, Harmen initially started out as a studio and fashion photographer. But a few years ago, he followed his heart and the pure, raw beauty of nature won out over “polished” studio models. .Here is his YouTube channel.

Bas Meelkeris a leading landscape photographer, writer, engaged speaker, and workshop provider.

Benro works closely with a number of top photographers, each of whom is among the best in their field. These ambassadors are a very important source of information for Benro and contribute to the development of Benro products. For more information, click here.

Mijn Flickr account click here.

The latest photos in Zoom magazine, a photography magazine for amateur photographers, can be found by clicking here

Ruben Smit is a passionate ecologist and photographer. His website showcases fantastic work, click here and you will be amazed.

Ronald Tilleman is an enthusiastic architecture photographer whose work can be seen on Ronald Tilleman Photography.

Fotoclub Noorderlicht click here .

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